Friday, April 23, 2010

4 to 6 months

So obviously we have been very busy. In the last 3 months Kylie has had a cold and a stomach virus...which she also gave to her momma, she has learned to sit up, pull up when holding your fingers, bounce in the jumper, say dada and momma, gotten her first tooth, started eating, learned to laugh,and I am sure there are more little things but these are the big things. So here's a quick recap so I don't forget what happened each month. 4th month: -Kylie began baby talking mostly just coos -we started her out on cereal which she hated! so we backed off of the cereal and just gave her plain foods until about 2 weeks ago. She started by eating sweet potatoes, bananas,carrots, pears, and apples. -The 4 month and into the beginning of the 5th month was the hardest time with Kylie. She fussed a lot. The only thing that would make her happy was for you to hold her and walk around. But every stage is temporary and once we got into the 5th month things started getting better. 5th month: -Began to sit up. -By the end she started saying dada -able to play with more and more toys -she rolled over -started playing in the exersaucer 6th month: -Perfected sitting up -started eating cereal again; we advanced her foods a little more and she did pretty well; the basic rule of thumb is she will eat anything with a banana in it -foods included: carrots, avocado, pears, apples, plums, bananas, chicken, peas, squash, green beans, rutabagas, & eggplant- unless you feed her these items individually off your plate she will not eat any of them by themself (except for the fruit) -started saying momma -started bouncing in the bouncy seat -beginning to show an interest in crawling -got her first tooth! teething started in January so we are thrilled! -of course she wants everything in her particular paper. She is just wonderful! Being a parent has changed our lives. We just love her! Here are some pics of the last few months. I cannot wait to see her in the coming months it is so amazing how much she is growing and learning.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kylie Videos

Hello all. This is Kyle. Just posting a couple videos of Kylie. Kylie probably telling me she doesn't want to be in her jumper. Kylie dancing with mommy. BTW, while I was posting this, I have now realized an unforeseen annoyance in naming my kid after myself. Everywhere I have typed Kylie, I typed my name by mistake. Oh well, vanity has a price.