Friday, April 8, 2011

Reading List

Right now I am in the mood to read. I love reading. I love what I take away from a book once I am done whether it is fiction or nonfiction. I tend to read mostly Christian books (both fiction and nonfiction) but every now and then I branch out. Well right now I have quite the reading list. I am really not sure when I will finish all of these books but I am hoping to get through at least one or two by the time baby #2 arrives and I have even less time. All of these books came highly recommended. I will have to give my take on them later but I am sure they will not disappoint. Right now I have started Decision Points by George W. Bush and I am loving it. The other books are mostly for my personal growth as a wife, woman, and mother. I have always wanted to grow spiritually and I have daily strived to be a better more godly person but since becoming a mother there is definitely a since of urgency. I know she hears and sees everything I say and do. She watches my every move and looks to me for guidance and direction. I so want to bring her up to be a woman after God's own heart. So with that said here is my book list what does yours look like? 1. Decision Points by George W. Bush 2. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Vosenkamp 3. Treasuring God in your Traditions by Noel Piper 4. Shepherding A Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp 5. So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Times they are a changing....

These last few months that I have not been blogging have been spent mostly sick. That is right the Murphree family has had something off and on since November. I am happy to say that sicknesses are passing and we are enjoying the beautiful spring weather. A couple of weekends ago we celebrated Kyle's 29th birthday! To celebrate we went to Connor's Steakhouse with his family and then on his actual birthday the three of us just stayed around the house and ate birthday cake. He loves thin mint cookies so I decided to make him a Thin Mint cake. I got the recipe from a friend who had made thin mint cupcakes. The recipe did not disappoint. It was the perfect amount of mint. Go here for the recipe Now for Miss Kylie....she is wonderful. Everyday is a new adventure. She is just a sponge right now and soaks up anything and everything. Everyday I wait for her to show me what she has learned that day. She is finally getting more and more hair. Maybe by the time she is 2 we can put it in a ponytail. She is average weight and a little above average height. All in all I just love being her mom. I feel the pressure a lot of days as I stumble through how to raise her up to be a godly woman. I just keep praying for wisdom and I keep reading all of your blogs for ideas. And now to provide at least some blog exposure to our newest one. I have waited and waited to post about being pregnant. For several reasons: sickness, time, and fear. However, we have past the first trimester and it is time to post a belly pic and hopefully soon the sonogram pic of baby #2. Baby #2 is set to arrive September 29th. So Kylie will be exactly 2 years older than her sibling. I have always wanted my kids to be close in age. I hope that they will be great friends. I can only imagine what life will be like next fall but I am so grateful for the opportunity to find out. Kyle and I feel truly blessed. The next few months (really as all months) will bring about some much change in our family and with that so much dependence on the Lord. Anyway, here is a belly pic from I believe 10 weeks. I had no idea just how quickly I would begin to show. Based on the picture do you think Kylie will adjust well to sharing mommy?:)