Thursday, September 11, 2008

Huge Praise!

I think most of you know about my neck pain but in case you do not here is the story. A little over a 1 1/2 ago my neck locked up. Apparently all the stress of our wedding manifested itself in my neck. After about a month the pain went away. Well, at the being of July my neck pain came back. This time it was due to the stress of moving....I really did not think I was that stressed out but whatever. So anyway long story short after a little over 2 months of chiropractor appointments several times a week I am healed. I prayed so much for healing because the pain was so bad and God was faithful. I feel so much better! Praise God for his healing touch!


kpmantooth said...

I pray that the stress stays away and you and your neck are pain free!

tmiller said...

I'm so glad you found my blog! I will enjoy keeping up with you through your blog!

Julie said...

Hey Laura! The blogging world is actually pretty small sometimes. Sorry that you have to read some of my that is pretty much all I blog about ;). Glad to know graduation happened with no hitch!