Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Last" Wedding

This weekend will be my "last" wedding or at least for awhile. I think most of you know I used to be an event planner. I did weddings every weekend in the spring and summer....sometimes more than one wedding in a weekend. But lately I have just done a few here and there with a wedding planner in Auburn. The fast pace, high intensity atmosphere is exhilirating! Getting to work with different people every week and hearing their stories was so much fun. Some days I do miss doing weddings on a regular basis and other days I am thankful to have my weekends and low stress job. But only God knows if he will put weddings in my future.... The wedding is at the Opelika Train Depot so it should be really pretty just maybe a little cold. I am really excited about it because I am actually going to be doing the ceremony and the reception. While doing both can make for a tiring weekend I will actually get to help do some fun decorating. Please pray everything goes smoothly and I am not too tired after this weekend. I do have to be back at work on Monday:( Hopefully, I will have time to take some pictures this weekend.


Calis said...

Laura, Good luck with your last wedding! I'm shooting my last wedding of the year this Saturday too. I'm excited about some off weekends, but I find myself wondering what in the world I'm supposed to do on the Saturdays without weddings. :o) Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'll pass it along to Joseph. I'm not sure if he reads our blog :o) I think he tries to keep up with it, but you know how it is to have a husband in Engineering. Things like blogs aren't the highest on the priority list. :o) Also, glad you guys had fun at the pumpkin carving party in the previous post. It takes so long to find a place to fit in when you move sometimes and I'm glad you guys were able to find a group to hang out with. Thanks again for the bday wishes! Take Care!

kpmantooth said...

If you have any energy left, we would love to see you this weekend! Sunday is busy...we're playing softball at 2 with the 9:45 class...put off driving back and join us!