Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

Well, this Valentine's day was different from others in the past. Kyle and I usually have a date that night...nothing big just usually a nice dinner. Well, this year we were not even together on Valentine's day. Over a month ago a trip had been planned for a group of Kyle's friends and their wives to go to Atlanta for the weekend. We were both looking forward to it and getting away for a few days to see friends. In the end Kyle got to go and I had to stay behind. I just did not think it was the best idea for me to go away for the weekend with as crappy as I have been feeling. However, Kyle had a great time in Atlanta hanging out with friends that he sees very rarely. While he was away my parents came up and took care of me. Mom cooked all day Saturday so I would have enough food for about 2 weeks. It was wonderful and much needed! It is so nice to have real meals again. I have not cooked in several weeks. All in all it was a good weekend for both of us but I am so glad he is home.


kpmantooth said...

How wonderful to have meals prepared.I've only made them for families with new babies but newly pregnant is a good time too!

The Tabbs said...

Hey just saw you were expecting! Congratulations!