Thursday, July 22, 2010

10 months old today!

My little lady is 10 months old today! She is all of the place. She is trying to walk but not quite there yet. It is so neat to just watch her explore and try to figure things out. I love to play with her when I get home but mostly I love to watch her and see what all she has learned that day. Everyday it seems like she is doing something new. As of late, she is learning to chew food. This summer I have slowly been integrating table food into her diet. She is finally starting to seem really interested. Before it was something new but too much of a hastle for her to eat a whole meal of table food (so much like her father!). But now she is really showing an interest in eating on her own. Yesterday morning my mom tried to feed her eggs...which she loves, however, she wanted to feed them to herself. When mom went to put the fork in her mouth she closed her lips together. It was so funny watching that strong opinion come out (so much like her mother...and her nana). I recently switched her to "big girl" oatmeal aka quaker oats and we are gradually adding sippy cups into the mix. She loves water out of her sippy cup but she is picky about milk from her sippy cup. If she is feeling well she will drink milk from the cup but otherwise forget it. She now has 4 teeth and the last two nights tell me more are on the way! All in all she is a happy baby. She is so sweet but wants things her way. She still clings to me but a lot of that has to do with not feeling well. Quick recap of her stats at 9 months: 18.4 lbs 27 inches takes 4 6 oz bottles a day eats 3 times a day-still "baby" food moved to a big girl car seat-still rear facing but our trips are greatly improving started crawling and pulling up I am truly thankful for her. What a blessing she is to me...I am reminded of that daily.

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Alanna Reger said...

Kylie is still just as precious as ever! I miss you and wish we lived closer so I could play with her in person :) I will call you soon so we can catch up.