Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween

Kylie had her first official Halloween this year. Last year she was only 5 weeks old so we did not dress her up. She did great and had a blast. We went to a church fall festival Saturday with some friends. It was a huge festival with things to do for all age groups. Then Sunday we had trick or treaters....I must say trick or treating seems to be going away...at least in our neighborhood. She loved when the doorbell rang (all fives times). She would run to the door and say hello and then once the kids got their candy she would wave goodbye and try to go with them. I am not a huge Halloween fan but after seeing her light up I am ready for Halloween to come around again. BTW, the bow you see on her head lasted about 40 minutes until she realized she was wearing it. Enjoy the pics!

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Ashley and Sam said...

She is so precious! Looks like you guys had a blast. I can't believe she's over 1 years old and I haven't met her yet. I miss you and will call you soon. It's been a little crazy here since Sam broke his leg.