Thursday, June 16, 2011

We have a name!

Choosing a name for a boy was not easy. Boy names are not super fun and exciting and you definitely can't make them cute like you can with girl names. So when we found out we were having a boy Kyle and I both had no clue where to start. I would suggest a name and he would veto it. After a couple of weeks of this Kyle finally said you make out a list and I will choose my favorite from it. So that I was not a long list. Ultimately, Kyle is not a huge fan of really traditional boy names but I was not a fan of going to crazy with the name so.....his name is Collins Edward Murphree. Collins has no significance whatsoever it was just a name we both agreed on. Edward was my grandfather's middle name. I always liked it and new I would want to use it for a middle name if we ever had a boy. Now that we have named him I try to add his name to at least one conversation a day with Kylie. She will say his name but mostly she just gives me a blank stare. I bet that blank stare will look a little different once he arrives! I have converted one of her unused drawers into "Collins drawer" and she knows that everything in that drawer is for him. Hopefully, within the next few weeks we will have painted her room and gotten everything ready for her to make the transition. I am nervous about the big girl bedroom but I think she is going to love her big girl bed. We have been undergoing several projects so pictures will come soon. I really need to do a better job of taking the before shots and not just the after shots. I am not trying to hide anything I just don't want to stop a job once it is finally getting started! More soon!


Ash Pash said...

I really like Collins! We had Collin on our list, we'll I did, Wes didn't like the sound of it with Bell. His name sounds fun yet professional. I think the little guy will like it : )

Ben Manski said...

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