Monday, July 28, 2008

XBox 360

So, this weekend Kyle went and bought an XBox 360. We agreed that once he finished school his graduation present could be a game system. I have mixed feelings about game systems because of how addicting they are. But, I felt like with how hard he has worked to graduate he deserved some fun. So, just as I suspected he did spend most of the weekend planning his game but it did provide me with some much needed down maybe it will not be so bad after all.


Jennifer said...

You make me smile!! =) You should have convinced him into a Wii. Those things really are fun. ha ha.. Miss you! Hey, question for you: Will you and Kyle be at home Labor Day weekend? I have Bekah and Leslie's wedding that weekend in Huntsville and wanted to see you. Let me know! ~ Ash

The Murphrees said...

We are in the process of deciding but hopefully we will because I would love to get together with you.