Thursday, November 6, 2008

6 Random Facts About Me

I guess after being tagged twice it is time for me to give everyone 6 random facts about myself. 1. I love to read but until recently I have not had the time to do so. So I am making up for lost time. Right now I am reading the Twilight series....don't judge it is actually is not as weird as you might think. 2. I love to cook. I constantly watch the Food is my Saturday morning ritual to make coffee and then sit and watch the Food Network for several hours. I have learned so much and gotten so many great ideas from all the different chefs. 3. I desparately want a pet..preferably a dog but we are waiting until we get house. However, I am nervous because we will actually be the parents and deal with problems (i.e the pet getting sick). 4. I just started going to water aerobic classes. I never realized how challenging they can be. I still plan to do the eliptical machine but these classes will be my new regular exercise routine. 5. I used to be a great housekeeper. Everything was always really clean and orderly but now I tend to slack off. I will say part of this is the amount of space we have in our apartment but I hate for things to be out of order. Lately, I just have no motivation to do housework even though I would rather do housework than most other jobs. So I guess that means that I am just all around lazy now! 6. I love football, especially Auburn football! This year I have started watching all the other SEC teams play. It is just so much fun to watch. The six people I am going to tag are Amanda, Brooke, Ashley, Shealy, Tipi, and Brandi.


Julie said...

I went through a Food Network phase myself! I don't have time to cook anymore, but I still love the channel :).

You must call soon! So much going on here that I can't even blog about it fast enough!

John and Brooke said...

You are too sweet! We missed you at the shower!! Hopefully we can see yall soon. Our address is 4521 Amberley Drive Bham AL 35242.

Matt and Jenna said...

Hope the water aerobics classes are going well. I think that would be a great way to exercise. I'm a treadmill/elliptical girl these days though.