Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've been tagged by Christen!! Things I am looking forward to: 1. Friday Date night with Kyle 2. Going to my prenatal swim class tonight-I am in major pain today! 3. Having a free weekend 4. Getting stuff for Kylie's room this weekend 5. Sleeping 6. Meeting Kylie in September 7. Ashley W's wedding in July 8. Catching up with people when I am in Auburn at the end of the month Things I did yesterday: 1. Worked 2. Picked up my prescription 3. Folded clothes 4. Watched TV with Kyle 5. Talked with my cousin Robyn 6. Made a BLT for dinner-I love these! 7. Registered for a nursing class 8. Ate ice cream Things I wish I could do: 1. Be outside all day 2. Everything on my thing to do list-my energy/back and legs just won't let me 3. Coupon-I am working on it-I really just want to get the hang of it 4. Sew-I have started but I think I am going to need lessons 5. See my friends more often 6. Go to the beach 7. Paint my house 8. Sing-just in general Shows I watch: 1. Reba 2. Food Network-in general 3. Jon & Kate Plus Eight-not sure if this will stay on the list since there marriage situation is completely depressing me 4. Wipe Out-Kyle and I watch this show together it is hilarious 5. Tori and Dean 6. House 7. Biggest Loser- this was my first season to watch 8. Most other shows just depend on if I have time Favorite foods: 1. Mexican 2. Italian 3. Seafood 4. Salads 5. Cookies 6. Brownies 7. Appetizers 8. Fruit Places I've traveled: 1. New York City 2. Los Angeles 3. Captiva Island-our honeymoon 4. Chicago 5. Las Cruces, NM/El Paso, TX 6. Disney World 7. Bahamas 8. Several places in Tennessee to go rafting-boy my list is exciting! I'd like to travel: 1. Wyoming 2. Canada 3. Boston 4. Alaska-cruise preferably 5. Hawaii 6. Italy 7. Paris 8. Greece People I tag: 1. Ashley Bell 2. Ashley W. 3. Alanna 4. Kellie 5. Julie 6. Laura Beth 7. Amanda 8. Lacey

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Ashley said...

Danks! I loved it!