Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1 Year Ago

This post is a couple of days late. We were painting and working on the nursery this weekend so I did not have a chance to post on the official 1 year mark of our move to Huntsville. July 11, 2008 was my last day working at Auburn University and living in Auburn. It was a day of mixed emotions. I was so excited to start a new journey in Huntsville. I new we were following God's lead so the possibilities of what was yet to come was exciting. However, leaving my job, church, family and friends was hard to swallow. Here is how July 11th went: I started off my day at work for the last Camp War Eagle session. Once camp was over I finished up some last minute office work and then loaded my car. After that the ladies in my office took me to lunch a Ariccia in the Hotel and Conference Center. Once lunch was over I said my tearful goodbyes (and I do mean tearful...I left sobing...oh the last impression I made:))I then met my mom and headed straight to the chiropractor...apparently stress goes to my neck. Then it was on to pick up the UHaul and Auburn Furniture to get our table and chairs, bedroom set and recliner. From the furniture store we went to the apartment and to meet the boys my father-in-law sent to help us load up all of the boxes. Who knew we could fit so much stuff in one apartment. It was such a long and exhausting day! That night I spent the night at my parents house and on July 12, 2008 my parents and I headed up to meet Kyle in Huntsville with the UHaul. Kyle had already started his job in Huntsville so rather have him come back down we decided it was much better for him to meet us at the new apartment and get things going there while we were on the road. We arrived in Huntsville about lunch time on the 12th and began the daunting task of unloading a UHaul FULL of our belongs. It was so hot and humid that day. Luckily we got all the boxes into the apartment by midafternoon when the downpour came. There was so much to unload but that would take several days to accomplish. Over the next few days Kyle went to work and I took care of all the odds and ends around the apartment and then we headed off to Destin for a much needed vacation. It took awhile to get used to driving around town, finding a church, finding a routine (I feel like we did nothing for several months). But here we are now. God has provided for us and met every need. We both have jobs, we found a house and a church. We are starting to meet people in Sunday school. And of course we have been blessed with baby Kylie who will arrive in September. Nothing is as it was but everything is as it should be. We are still trusting God for guidance and direction but as with everything else he will and it will be in his timing. I know no one else will be interested in the ins and outs of our last year but I wanted to write it all down.


Amanda said...

Oh I vividly remember the day we left Auburn. It is etched in my memory. Sobbing, I did as well :)
But your are right, the Lord does provide. And we have been blessed here.

Kellie said...

I can't believe you've already been there for a year. It seems like just yesterday you moved. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!