Wednesday, August 26, 2009

35 Week Appointment

I went to the doctor today to begin my weekly appointments. I had to start a week early with the appointments due to a car accident I was in 2 weeks ago. I started having contractions but with a shot we were able to stop them. Kylie and I are both fine but I had dilated a cm so the doctor wanted to start checking me more frequently. Today everything looked good. Kylie dropped last Thursday evening. It was so cool. Kyle and I were eating dinner and she was going crazy so I pulled my shirt up so we could see my belly. All of a sudden we could see her whole body just fall in my belly! I have kept pushing on the top of my belly to see if she really has dropped and there remains an empty spot on the top of belly. This has caused much relief to my ribs but much more pain in my hips but at least she is making progress. And the doctor confirmed her drop today! Anyway, her heartbeat is around 140. I had not dilated anymore which is good because she at least needs to bake for another week and a half. I cannot believe that we are getting so close. She moves constantly so I am always aware of her presence...not sure what this means as far as how she will be when she is outside of me. I am sure God is already laughing!


Kyle said...

Im praying she will be like me as a then fall asleep for 15 hours

Keep Baking That Baby, Baby!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness Laura, you were in a car accident. It sounds like God watched over ya'll. What a blessing. You and Kylie will be in our prayers. This IS such a sweet time!