Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day weekend and 37 Weeks

Kyle and I had a great Labor day weekend. We were so excited to just hang out and watch football together. Saturday we made chili and creme brulee. I know this sounds like a crazy combination but the chili was a must because of football and the creme brulee was something we have been wanting to make for awhile and we figure we better do it now. Then of course we watched every football game that was on for the rest of the day....and rest of the weekend(Some I paid more attention to than others). The rest of the weekend we just got some errands taken care of and did a few house chores. I had a little burst of energy this weekend to get things done but Monday was much needed for sleep. It was so nice to have Monday off. This morning I went to the doctor. We finally have progress! I am 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. It is so nice to no that something is going on. The doctor thinks the baby is somewhere around 6-7 lbs. Other than just feeling a little sick these last few days and of course being tired things are going really well. I am so thankful that things have gone so well. I cannot wait to meet our little girl and see what she looks like. I have been imagining it much more lately and I have to say it is making me much more anxious. I have been developing this picture in my head but of course that has no bearing on what she will look like. Will she have my red straight hair or Kyle's brown curly hair or a mixture of the two? I personally am hoping for red curly hair! I guess we will find out soon enough!

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LB said...

yea for 2 cm. That's great!! She will be here so soon, and of course, I am partial to red, curly hair;)